One Doc Naturopathic Medicine is a pay-for-service practice.  We provide patients with insurance ready receipts containing current diagnostic and procedure codes.  Patients can use these receipts or the information from these receipts to directly bill their insurance company for reimbursement.  Patients can also apply payments made to One Doc to their deductible and can use HSA funds to directly pay for our services.

We understand that it is difficult and sometimes frustrating that we are not able to directly bill your insurance company.  Unfortunately, we simply cannot direct bill insurance companies and stay in business.  Insurance reimbursement for naturopathic physicians is a constant battle.  It is fraught with inconsistencies, delays and denials.  For example, the federal programs Medicare and Medicaid do not reimburse for naturopathic care, while motor vehicle accident insurance and Montana workers comp insurance does cover naturopathic care.

In our considered and thoughtful opinion, the decision to direct bill insurance for our patients would terminate Dr. Starbuck's ability to deliver the kind of medicine, the evaluation and the care that she holds dear.  

We hope you understand our necessity to run our practice in this way.  We try hard to keep our prices affordable and we try to schedule visits only as they are necessary for your best health.