Pippin says, "Allergy tests are easy. Just ask Marilyn!"

Dr. Starbuck loves to spend time outdoors with her faithful companions, Pippin and Spirit.

Dr. Starbuck has trained her mini, Elska, to pull a cart. Elska means darling or love in Icelandic.

Dr. Starbuck has added horse therapy for children to her practice.

Elska did great on her first long trip of about eight miles!

The Thornton's had fun with their first Christmas Card from Rock-n-Root Ranch in Florence.

Audrey was thrilled to fulfill a life-long dream when she brought her first horse ever home in July 2019. Meet Cider! An 11 year old American Quarter horse.

In the summer of 2019, Audrey participated in the Lard Butt 1K. She and her husband dressed up as Tarzan and Jane - the later years. Here she is hanging out with the ape mascot of the "race".