One Doc Naturopathic Medicine offers family medicine.  We welcome people of all ages, from newborn to geriatric, and we diagnose and treat the whole spectrum of human health and disease.

Dr. Starbuck works cooperatively with medical doctors and other health care practioners.  She will refer you as needed for diagnostic tests such as x-ray, ultrasound, colonoscopy; she will refer you as appropriate to medical specialists or for hospital care.


Family Medicine      

As a naturopathic family physician, Dr. Starbuck is trained  and has the clinical experience to diagnose and treat the whole spectrum of human health and disease.  She also has areas of special training and practice emphasis which are listed below.  If you have questions about whether Dr. Starbuck can help you with a condition or concern you have, and those questions are not answered by our website information, please call us at the office: 406 549-0005.  We are happy to help you!



At One Doc we diagnose and treat allergy, both air born/contact allergy and food allergy.  We offer blood based allergy testing and testing for Celiac disease.  Our testing is appropriate for both adults and children. 

We also offer allergy treatment, including botanical medicines, nutrition, homeopathy and ‘allersodes’, a liquid, oral alternative to allergy shots.



Digestive health has long been an important component of naturopathic medicine.  Whether your concerns are an acute episode of a stomach ailment or a chronic digestive complaint, we can help.  Dr. Starbuck can assess your digestive function and diagnose digestive disease through physical exam and specific tests.  Dr. Starbuck assists patients in formulating an optimal diet, and treats both digestive deficiencies and digestive tract disease with gentle, safe and effective natural medicines.



Endocrinology is medicine concerned with hormones.  Male and female human hormones change throughout our life.  Those changes begin during early adolescence, often starting around age 11.  Hormones are often changing, particularly during times of stress, aging, pregnancy, menses, menopause, at mid-life in most men, and as a result of other health issues.

At One Doc, we diagnose, test, and treat your hormone levels.  Dr. Starbuck is very experienced with adrenal, thyroid, reproductive (estrogen, progesterone, testosterone) hormone issues, as well as in the treatment of diabetes.  She can prescribe both bio-compatible and conventional hormones, and uses botanical, nutritional and lifestyle modalities to help you achieve hormone balance and improved health.


Immune Health

Naturopathic medicine is focused on optimizing your immune health.

Whether you want to reduce the number of colds and flu you and your family get each year, have a significant illness, or simply want to improve your overall wellness, natural medicine is an excellent choice.  Dr. Starbuck will evaluate your health history and help you understand your current health status.  She will lay out a variety of support and treatment options and help you decide what plan will work best for you.


Pediatric care

Kids are a big part of One Doc.  Dr. Starbuck has been practicing in Missoula long enough to currently be doing Well Child visits with the children of patients who were Well Child patients themselves two decades ago!  We welcome children of all ages, and love the multi-generational aspect of family practice.

We offer annual exams, the treatment of acute illness, allergy, blood testing and hormone assessment, treatment of chronic illness, and counseling for older children and adolescents.  Dr. Starbuck is gifted in interacting with children and young adults; she answers questions and explains health issues and concerns in a way young people easily understand, and she often serves as a mentor in helping children navigate the roads between home, school, and community.




Dr. Starbuck has done extensive training in psychology and emotional development.  She understands the powerful link between our physical and emotional health, and knows how each effect one another.

Dr. Starbuck is also very experienced in using naturopathic medicine in the treatment of emotional and psychological illness.  Many patients come to One Doc for help in finding alternatives to conventional, drug based treatments for anxiety, depression, compulsive, panic and sleep disorders.  Dr. Starbuck does counseling as a part of her general family practice.

Patients also seek Dr. Starbuck’s help in reducing or eliminating their use of prescription medications in the treatment of emotional disorders.  Dr. Starbuck does this in a safe, respectful manner by explaining the benefits and limitations of natural alternatives, by encouraging communication between all involved health care providers, and by respecting your privacy and your choices.


Many others !

At One Doc Naturopathic Medicine we treat patients with a wide variety of complaints.  If the condition for which you seek help is not listed here, we are nonetheless likely to understand it and can probably help you with it.  Please call and ask!  406 549-0005