People choose naturopathic medicine when they want gentle, effective, non-invasive ways to treat disease and support their health.  People choose Dr. Starbuck because she is a skilled physician, and she takes seriously her role of 'doctor as teacher'.  Dr. Starbuck is an excellent diagnostician and interpersonal communicator.  She takes time with her patients, she listens and explains.  When you have a visit with Dr. Starbuck, you get answers to your questions and an understanding of your health and treatment options.  You also spend time with a doctor who will work with you to create a treatment plan that works specifically for you as a unique individual.

Additionally, when you are a patient of Dr. Starbuck's, you have an individual, professional relationship with a physician who will be there for you when you need her.  As health needs arise over time, patients benefit from having a doctor who knows them well and who understands their health concerns and their history. 

Dr. Starbuck has been practicing in Missoula since 1994 and plans to keep doing so in the years ahead!