Allergy testing and the treatment of allergies is a specialized part of Dr. Starbuck's. practice.  At One Doc we do both food and inhalant allergy testing.  Our testing is done through a blood sample which is sent to an outside lab. 



We do both general and specific food panels, including vegetarian panels, Asian and vegan food panels.  Our 96 general food panel is our most commonly run panel.  The cost for this test is $275.  Food panel testing is done with a finger stick so it is easy and not too scary for kids or adults who don't like needles!  Plus Dr. Starbuck's tiny and valiant dog Pippin is happy to sit on kids' lap while they get their finger poked for allergy testing.  Just ask us for Pippin's help when you come in for the test.



Inhalant allergy testing by blood test is available at One Doc.  We do expansive allergy testing for 63 common allergens, including pets, grasses, weeds, molds and dust which costs $285.  A mini-test 16 common inhaled allergens is available for $150.